Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Standard Model of Greed.

Greed is an instinct. There's nothing sinful or wrong about having it, as long as you keep it.

We all know of the comming winter. We store more than we know we need, because we know we may miscalculate and need more. We use our instinct and knowledge to survive. Seems like it's worked out pretty well.

It's worked well for us because it's always been our greed, our very own. It's the greed that we wake up with and have to sleep with. It being our greed we temper it and contain it so that we do not become it.

Our greed mingles with our neigbors greed, sometimes it fights, sometimes it bends. It has costs and benefits but it is always checked.

When greed has a master, it can be put to work so that we provide the best for our own. When greed has a master, its master is held to account when greed takes too much at the expense of others. In this balance, greed works. Greed for life denies nature our annihilation.

When greed is outsourced, that is when it becomes an evil.

A publicly traded stock share becomes a free particle of greed. This particle obeys the physics of greed.

Of course certain shareholders can vote on certain things, so the greed is supposedly still attached to an individual will, but that's a bunch of crap and everyone knows it.

Shareholders cannot truly be held to account for the actions of their company, all they can do is loose value in their stock.

The stock market was created to give people a chance to invest in companies they believed in, and to grow the value of their investments. It extended these chances to a new class of investors, people that cannot afford to bankroll a company alone or in small groups. The stock market is the democratic excersise of greed.

Sounds great at first. The problem is that once you seperate your greed from your control, it can just as easily rob you of the value you sought to extract from it.

Shares of greed don't know what is valuable to the shareholder, so they exctract value at any cost, not knowing that some value is intangible.

We're becoming shareholders in our own destruction.

A private business owner must answer to their community, though a corporation may freely antagonize the very community of those who hold shares in it. Of course even private business owners can commit the most horrible of atrocities, and some always will- but they will have names, they are people. At least there's a chance they'll have a soul, at least more chance than a board.

So what are we supposed to do? We can't put our money in a mattress and expect to retire on it. No we can't. But why not? Why do we need all that money for retirement anyway?

We need it because we know no one else will provide our food, shelter, and medicine when we're too old or weak to earn it.

We know this because we do not provide food, shelter and medicine for the old and weak around us. So why should be expect to be provided for? So we must accumulate enough wealth so that we do not need charity or pity or mercy, we can pay up-front.

The only way we could feel secure that we would be provided for is if were so offended by human suffering that we would show it compassion wherever we found it. We're not that offended, so we don't show it compassion, so we're secure that no one will be offended by our suffering. So the only assurance is large piles of wealth and ownership.

So to attain wealth and ownership we invest. We could invest in those around us, our friends, family, our community, our planet. But it's much simpler to invest in the stock market.

So we but stocks, and in doing so we outsource our greed and create free particles of greed.

The particles aggregate into Golems of greed, no master to control them or to be held to account for their atrocities. We let our collective greed become our master.

So the greed that once fueled our survival in the face of a relentless and all-powerful nature, has now become a force of nature.

We can blame greed without greed even having a face. We can't see the greed in the mirror so we can pretend it's not ours and we are not responsible.

Greed has become an act of god. Our once powerful instinct of self-preservation now has it's own will to survive, even at our expense.

So, check your portfolio. Think about all those particles zipping around the world- interacting and cooperating with the greed of people you think are evil. Those are your particles, and they're working hard for you, but they don't know who you are, so how do you know their not working just as hard against you.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Support the ASPCA, prevent Sarah McLachlan commercials.


I cannot tolerate cruelty to animals, but I also cannot tolerate guilt marketing.

I'm going to club a baby seal every time I see that Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial.

Yes, the commercial uses effective imagery, yes it is a powerful visual message, but no, it doesn't make me feel guilty- because I do not abuse animals, except seals now.

Problems is, Sarah- if you're the kind of person that can abuse and animal and still sleep at night then you can watch that commerical and it will have no effect.

If you have a soul then you might feel mammalian sympathies and you might pick up the phone to donate money.

So you are playing with emotional artillery targeted at the people you want to help in your cause.

So I say- screw you. I'm going to buy a big club and an adorable baby seal, and then I'm going to make it listen to McLachlan ballads before I kill it.

And I'm going to tape the whole thing and add a soundtrack of McLachlan ballads and then have that aired every 15 minutes on basic cable.

Sound like a plan?

Monday, August 8, 2011

The logic of violence.

Human justifications for violence would be hilarious except for the violence part.

Violence is part of our nature, it has to have been otherwise we would be photosynthesising. The violence in our nature is a force. It's been used for protection and defence, and for conquest and aggression. It's was developed to protect us from things that want to eat us, and to help us eat things that resist being eaten.

That is our animal nature, but we are not animals. We do not (usually) do violence to one another with the intent of making a meal of it.

Violent conflicts between groups of humans are the result of the desire to posess and control resources. Those resources are occassionally necessities such as food and water, more often they are commodities, and sometimes the commodities are human beings, their work, their ideas, and their beliefs.

Outbreaks of violent conflicts over necessities may be difficult or impossible to prevent in times of hardship. When survival instincts take over, human reason is nearly powerless. Our survival instincts may have taken us from the mud to the trees, but it is reason that turned mud and wood into brick and timber to make human homes impenetrable to any threatening animal.

With cooperation and communication we achieved dominance over the animal kingdom. Conflict and violence can only allow us to dominate each other. I'm not really clear on the advantages of mankind dominating each other. Honestly it's just not much of a challenge.

Pacifism is a joke to some people, a synonym for cowardice. Somehow the pacifist is considered somewhere between a child and an invalid, but deserving the compassion of neither.

Sam Harris, in his book The End of Faith argues that pacifism is 'a fallacy combining hesitance with cowardice, in that the social context in which a pacifist can protest was created by the actions of direct activists.'

I submit that if this is true, then it is equally true that the 'advances' gained by direct action were supported by the many instances where pacifism prevailed over violence.

The fact that Sam was ever born is the result of countless generations of reproductive success. It is a little hard to accept that Sam Harris lives because at every stage of human evolution his ancestors genes were ultimately superior and victorious in every conflict and his genetic line survived through human history to create him by sheer genetic force. It is much more likely that in many instances of conflict someone chose non-violence over violence. It's not hard to imagine that in many instances, cowardice and hesitance probably saved his ancestors lives too.

Violence lives as a parasite off the labor of the non-violent.

I'm of the belief that pacifism is a commitment to non-violence, not inaction. I also draw a distinction between violent aggression and self-defense. If someone hits you, hit them back until they stop, then you stop. That's self-defense, it's not really as nuanced as people think.

One can act decisively and tactically without resorting to aggression, and once can use force to defend oneself and others. Pacifist doesn't mean pussy, it means non-asshole.

So I ask anyone who thinks that pacifism is a fallacy to provide me with evidence that violence is logical. Sam?

Oddly enough though I do agree with a lot of what Sam says about other issues, I just think his statements on pacifism are nuts. I also think he's off base about some of his attitudes about Islam.

I'd also just like to poke my finger in some peoples eyes here and say that if you're not a pacifist then you're also not a Christian, please stop claiming to be. Jesus would like me to remind you that he forgave everyone for everything and only smacked people when they were turning his fathers house into a den of thieves.

Also- for the record; Jesus didn't give a shit about America, still doesn't. Jesus loves all mankind. If you blow-up things that Jesus loves, then you are not a Christian.

Christian nation my ass.

In general the only religions I believe have any worth are those that are reject violence outright. Peace churches and Buddhism are my favorites.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Google Suicide

If you search google for ways to commit suicide you'll find the top posts are made by people trying to convince you not to commit suicide. I suppose I can understand their motivations but once you start reading it's kind of a joke.

It's just like the abortion debate to me. People will use violent force to prevent an abortion, but then once the baby is born those same people will not lift a finger or pay a cent to ensure that the child is cared for. A lot of times it's the transience of zeal for life that makes life so damn insufferable in the first place.

The second you hear about suicide you start hearing how special, unique, and valuable people are and how much life is worth. What a pile of shit. If people were so damned concerned with the sancitity of human life all the time then why do we spend 1000 times as much on blowing people up as we do feeding them?

Why do people get so compassionate about suicide? I think it's self-defense.

Life is suffering, even for the wealthy, but Western dogma doesn't condone this line of thinking, so as soon as someone speaks up about it we have to tell them how special and wonderful life is so that we keep believing that ours might be as well.

As soon as you accept that suicide is an option for someone else, it becomes an option for you.

Our legal system testifies to the fact that people will choose enforcement over responsible choice. Drug and prostitution laws exist to spare people the responsibility of behaving responsibly and making responsible choices.

People don't want to have to choose to live, because if they did, they might choose not to. This knee-jerk compassion for those contemplating suicide is entirely a defense-mechanism for those who are too afraid to contemplate it.

That's just what I think.

So to all you folks trying to talk other folks out of committing suicide I have a request;
put your resources elsewhere. It's just so trivial to write some bullshit to a stranger about the value of their life.

Go feed someone, go teach a kid math or to love space or something. Make the world a better place and people might actually come up with their own reasons to keep living in it.

And what's my advice about people contemplating suicide? We'll, contemplate it. I'm not saying you should kill yourself, I'm just saying you should think about it. Also think about getting killed by someone else, also think about dying to save someone else from getting killed, think about a lot of things that involve suffering and dying. Not to depress you more, but just to remind you that there's lots of that already so maybe you should do something better than create more. There's always someone who's life sucks more than yours, so go help that poor bastard out and you'll make two people's day better for the price of one.

Sorry to be preachy- I'm certainly working on practicing all that myself- but it's a thought.

In case you're wondering why I was googleing how to commit suicide- well you'd probably wonder a lot about the stuff I search on google.
Have I contemplated suicide? To be candid- yes, I have on-and-off for the majority of my adult life. I'm trapped in a human suit and I can't tell if it's an accident or if I'm here for a reason and just forgot my mission objective. Plus I think it's more theraputic to ponder than try to ignore it. I'm pretty sure that's not how I'm going out, but I'd rather know how than not.

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Orleans Murder Rate Plummets to ZERO!!!

The City of New Orleans has found a way to dramatically reduce its reported murder rate.

Murderers are simply to be renamed Civil Rights Violators.

So apparently taking a persons life is legally similar to denying them a job based on their race.


Cops aren't bad people, they're people who have been given power, and power is dangerous, especially when it's given to people that want it.

If you give someone power, and do not hold them to account for its use, don't be surprised when they use their power against you.

Opening fire on an unarmed group of people is murder. They showed up, with guns loaded, bailed out and began firing. How is that not premeditated.

The convicted 'civil rights violators' are murderers. These scum don't even have the excuse that they were under orders. That's right, I said it- these murderers are worse than Nazis.

But people don't think that hard about this stuff. So our children wont have any respect for life, and we're all going to end up eating Soylent popcorn watching public executions and burning books, and that's the good news.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Another post from phone

This time to blogspot. Should have figured this out a long time ago.

Still no video though...

Blogst and Found is back up is up
got up in case of times when domain host is down.

so I thought, why not round it out with a funkboxing.blogspot site.

went to set it up and found somebody already had funkboxing.blogspot. I went to the site and it was me. I set it up in 2008 and never posted to it.

So here it is, 3 years late. My first post to the funkboxing blogspot site.